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Valentin Frolov

Valentin Frolov

To Business and other hives 04/03/2016

Second Working District Venture Fund will invest $100 million in start-ups over the next 3 years

Venture Fund Second Working District belongs to one of the youngest billionaires on the planet, Vladislav Krishtop. Over the next 3 years he will invest $100 million in start-ups.
Within the framework of advancement joint programs applications will be considered from entrepreneurs, companies or individuals who need financing for their projects.
When evaluating and selecting projects for an investment, we pay particular attention to the following investment criteria: market position, growth potential, management, profitability, and cash flow.
Over the past 2 years (2013–2015), the fund has invested $10 million in 14 start-ups in the following areas: online-laboratory, IT-service, server security, programs for taking medical tests indicating health of an individual, mobile devices, bio accumulators, 3D-printing units for space apparatus, and means of communication.
International Investment Company provides financial and consulting support to innovative projects related to the intellectual sphere. Investments in capital for promising start-ups begin from $100,000. Applications can be submitted from any country worldwide.
Also, Second Working District conducts activities in areas such as real estate (infrastructure), investments in the stock market, mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
Headquarters of a venture fund Second Working District is located in Palo Alto, California, USA. Chairman of Board of Directors is VladislavKrishtop- founder of creative environment www.konstruktor.com and a charity fund Krishtop Foundation.
Offers can be send to: info@secondworkingdistrict.com to take part in joint investment or offer an interesting project for consideration by Second Working District team of experts by filling out a simple form on the company’s website: www.secondworkingdistrict.com

Valentin Frolov