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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Military06/03/2016

Military Ha-Ha
The GIG LINE is the seam of the hem of your shirt, across the front edge of your belt buckle and down the seam of your pants fly zipper trousers. This is to be one continuous straight line. But in the Navy - a "line" is also used to secure a ship to the pier.

So when you sent to go fetch a LINE - you are off for a coil of rope..... unless they send you off on the Goose Chase for 50 Feet of GIG LINE. .... I forget what I did - but I was sent off to go and get 50 Feet of Gig Line. So I called the company to attention - about 60 by then, down from 82 - and ordered them into a height line, from tallest to shortest.... The standard Gig Line on an individual sailor is about 2.5 feet; estimating that - I needed 19 of our tallest, and if it was short - then I would be sure to count myself.

I dismissed the remainder of the company to stand fast at parade rest - and watch the trouble I knew I was going to get into. I called the Black Hat out of his office in about 5 minutes of my 30 minute deadline, and I handed him a flexible measuring tape from my locker (I knew I would need it, so I bought it the first day we had store privileges) He asked where the '50 Feet' were.

And I, in loud and smart report, called the 19 into a tight formation of Dress Right Dress (those of you that were IN, know what I mean) and yelled in a the command voice "From Nuts to Neck, there be 50 FEET by Heck"

That bit cost me 150 push-ups.

Brian McKenzie