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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Military06/03/2016

Military Ha-Ha
One of the classic Military Pranks is to have a recruit / cadet / trainee to go fetch 'impossible' things. One of the favorites is the 'Bucket of Steam'.

Two of our squad were goofing off and sent for the 'Bucket of Steam'. As I was Master at Arms of the Barracks, I had control of the 'Gear Locker'. This meant if you had to get a bucket - it had to be issued, and you had to see me to get it. And as the meme would be - we had a recruit that was to fetch a bucket. I have him and the buddy the bucket.... and the all critical LID. This would allow the condensation to be trapped in, and I sent them over to the mess hall - to talk to the line washers (because that machine makes a HELL of a lot of steam).

They came back - with in the 30 minutes, beating the clock, and a full bucket of steam. The Black Hat was duly surprised and pissed. He had not said that they could have a lid, and when he asked where they got the lid, well - hello, I had to step forward.

I shouted that they were issued, "One Mark - A1 Mil-Grade Bucket, with Lid!" Black Hat Taupple was NOT impressed. So I ended up doing 50 push-ups for being 'smart'. Good times.

Brian McKenzie