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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Bloggers07/03/2016

Life in Beta:

Technical question about the platform.

I just added a buzz about a new travel camp adventure that I intend to launch, I used the same photo as I had from a previous buzz. It looks like that full text was auto attached to the new buzz; and stacked in order of precedence. IE my original blog showed on top, with my new buzz underneath.
Is this a bug or a feature? I need to know if I use the same photo / key word if it recycles previous content. 1) to be careful when I don't want them connected 2) to stack and organize the same theme in the buzz when they should stick together.

Just a curious Bee ! Thanks.

PS - is there a dedicated hive for platform questions, tutorials, bugs, and suggestions?

Brian McKenzie
  1. Kevin Buckley
    17/04/2016 #3Kevin Buckley
    #2 That same concept would be nice for reading reply's also.
  2. Brian McKenzie
    17/04/2016 #2Brian McKenzie
    Life in BeeBeta - I want to port over a longer form blog story that I have been hosting out on another portal. However - in true story stack and order of precedence, I want newer buzzes to fall and cascade to the bottom, so that when you land to the HIVE you are reading it naturally from top to bottom with successive buzzes BELOW the first. For flow and story telling - I think a SORT button on the hives 'Oldest First' would allow for a more natural story telling venue for series and building longer content. What say the bees and tech gurus ?!!? Happy to be a Bee.
  3. Brian McKenzie
    10/04/2016 #1Brian McKenzie
    Life in Beta: Long Form Publisher
    Ready to step into the Buzz with longer form publishing here on BeBee ! and ...... Life in Beta continues for me. A Cut, Copy and Paste from MS word to the Publisher platform, rendered a paste in bottom up relevance of paragraphs - IE my last paragraph was suddenly first and the flow followed down the page in exact reverse order from what I had entered into the MS Widget.
    Just a UX moment from a remote keyboard operator.
    Live from Bishkek