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Gabriel Mirkin Altminc

Gabriel Mirkin Altminc

Marketing expert, with 23 years of experience.

I have very good relationship with staff, customers, my background is in negotiation and assembling teams. I am what is called a Team Leader and Team Maker, working with great professionalism, commitment and always thinking about the direct benefit to the company. Many times over the company defend its owner. In turn, I am a very creative person, always looking for ways to differentiate the business, add value and generate more sales while positioning the company and Brand.

Handling multiple languages, Spanish, English, French, Hebrew, etc .., and I have been working in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Slovakia, Israel, China, etc ...

I believe and am convinced that I can be a very important contribution for any company, since I have worked in different fields, always with good results and managing to improve the situation of the company at the time of my income.

Of course I appreciate your kindness and I look forward to being invited for interview where I can explain more