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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To Cars07/03/2016

Then and Now: Camaro
The Cheverolet Camaro is celebrating its' 50th Anniversary this year. Built in response to the Ford 64 1/2 Mustang, and functioning as GM's 'Pony Car' rendition, the Camaro has stood the test of time. Through its' many model iterations of SS, RS, Z/28, IROC and even Berlinetta, it never gave way to the 'compact' foot print that nearly killed the Mustang.

Nearly doubling in horsepower over the decades (currently at a stock 455) the V-8 is it's most advanced in the lineage and is shared with the heart of the Corvette. There are also a 6 cylinder and 2.o Liter turbo motor options. Suspension, brakes, exhaust and chasis are now all refined more than before by borrowing from Cadillac platforms, and the styling is still reminiscent of the mid - 60's. If you need more performance upgrades - see the dealer; there are too many to list here. Don't forget to make the all important selection between manual and auto transmissions.

There is of course the nod to the EPA and the DoT - so emissions and safety are poured through out the car, while still keeping it nearly 400 pounds less than the last Generation outing. For the millennials - it has the wireless and hands free plugins for your device that you carry in your pocket. Today's' Camaro will set you back about what a house in 1966 did, around $26,ooo. Enjoy the ride.

Brian McKenzie