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Euclydes Lourenço

Euclydes Lourenço

Chemical engineering majored - UNICAMP. Fluent English level with good Spanish knowledge.

Professional career developed in large capacity multinational companies as Alcoa, Carboindustrial and Elkem Carbon which I have worked in process control, projects, quality control department, laboratories management, research and development as result nine new products deployed to the market.

Experiences in production team leadership, sales department support, process optimization, news production technologies implementation, process modernization projects, laboratories projects and operational cost decreasing, yielding 25% production increasing and 9,7% electrical energy consumption decreasing.

Process and production chemical engineering expertise with technical, analytical skills, interpersonal abilities, pro-activity, hands on and business understanding with international experiences.

Statistical tolls using cleverness and lean process management knowledge.

Proactive, adapt to new situations and requirements easily, learn quickly, persistent, results and goal driven.