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To Estudiantes y Universitarios12/03/2016

Oferta de empleo recibida de la University of Helsinki: PhD student position- Optics of Photosynthesis Lab

" We are looking for a motivated PhD student to join the Optics of Photosynthesis Laboratory. I would appreciate if you could forward this add to potential candidates."Deadline is *8th April 2016*

The position is funded for 48 months (1 July 2016 - 30 June 2020) during which time the candidate has to complete a PhD degree.

The candidate will join the “Optics of Photosynthesis Laboratory”
() and work in the
FLUOSYNTHESIS project funded by the Academy of Finland.

The candidate will study the factors that control the variation in leaf optical traits
across space, time and species.

• You have excellent analytical skills and are not afraid of equations.
• You are committed, motivated, adventurous and ready to conduct
intensive field work campaigns in Finland, Spain or in the Tropics.
You are also able to work occasionally at a certain height.
• You have excellent English skills, especially written (demonstrable
if needed). Knowledge of Finnish and/or Spanish will be an asset.
• You have a MSc or equivalent in Agriculture and Forestry,
Engineering, Biophysics, Biology, Remote Sensing, or related subjects.
• You have good technical skills that you can apply to problem
solving. You are a creative individual with an interest in both using
and developing scientific hardware/instrumentation.
• Experience with data analysis in R or Matlab, field spectroscopy,
chlorophyll fluorescence methods, ecophysiology of photosynthesis, or
wet lab methods will be an asset.

More details and information on how to apply:

Optics of Photosynthesis Laboratory | Linking Optical, Biochemical and Physiological Plant Traits
Optics of Photosynthesis Laboratory | Linking Optical, Biochemical and Physiological Plant Traits