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Sanjay Batra

Sanjay Batra

To Entrepreneurs13/03/2016

After working for Middle Level Engineering Companies for about 35 years took the decision to start something of my own, the idea behind being was not to retire till the Body is working.
The great thing discovered was that First Generation Entrepreneur is not trusted by the buyers , banks and financial Institutes.
Every one was wanting proof of the capability, having run mid sized companies as unit head for more than 20 years was not sufficient as that was some one else's business.
Started from scratch , made small beginning, started getting small orders - however the pace of growth is slow and at this pace cannot fulfill the desires and aims I have.
I am a mechanical engineer with experience of Instrumentation, having 5000 SFT shed at Baddi, 35 kms away from Chandigarh, Having complete setup for Fabrication and sheet metal work, Have team of Engineers for assembly and retrofitting for Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing. Have manufactured in past Thermoforming , Thermosealing machines , Material handling lifts, Conveyors and many many small special purpose machines and aids.
I am looking for some manufacturers of Escalators, Lifts, Ropeways, or any other type of machine manufacturers world wide for whom we could work as service and sales support if not CKD assemblers.
We can cater to the Deep North markets of India, that being Himachal,Punjab, Hayrana,Delhi, Uttaranchal .
Please also share if some other better idea would be there to have collaboration from any branded manufacturer whose sales can be made in this region. ,

Sanjay Batra