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Isaac Anthony
March 10, 2015 •
So this man ruined my day.
Stops me at Mazagaon circle (Mumbai, India) for no reason at all. With my PUC, insurance and registration in place there was no fault he could find to make money by asking for a bribe. He then discusses with fellow constable and realises that my bike is imported proceeds to attack me with an expired green tax on my bike. Having realised I'm at fault I agree to pay the required fine. But Mr. Maruti (policeman) wants a bribe of 1500 bucks. I decline and insist to pay the fine. Asks for 1000 bucks and finally 500bucks. 40 mins later he realises that I'm not going to bribe him, decides to impound my bike, takes my bike keys and my licence in hope of making money. I stood my ground and let him take the bike. On showing up at the impound station I demand to see the commissioner, I'm quickly stopped in my tracks by the guard. I explain my case show his picture and proceed to tell him how Mr Maruti asked me for a bribe and refused to give a challan / Bill for the said offence. On hearing all of this Mr Maruti, who was around at that time still had the audacity to ask me for 1000 bucks to let me go. He has no respect for his own authorities. This angered me and I decided to speak to the commissioner regardless of the outcome. At this point Mr. Maruti panics and returns my bike and licence and forces me to leave. (I've put my bike away for the remainder of my trip until my bike papers are sorted.) But shame on you ‪#‎Mumbaitrafficpolice‬ and shame on us who don't stand our ground. This chalta hai attitude has plagued our nation. Whether it be rape, women's rights or corruption, yeh chalta hai attitude nahin chalega dost
(Mumbai, India)