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Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie

To motorcycle16/03/2016

I had on my desk an article from Cycle World - that said you Needed FIVE bikes.
This was to counter the - I already 'have' a bike objection. Every rider knows the perfect number of bikes is N+1, where N is the number of bikes you have now; and the perfect number is always just one more.
According to Cycle world - the five MUST have bikes were around the core of purpose and not Brand.
One for Going Fast - a crotch rocket, a cafe, a drag bike et
One for Going Long - a touring bike - one build for comfort and interstate rides
One for Getting Dirty - an off road bike is a Zen essential. you simply must
One for Going to Show - let face it - there is something unmistakeable about chrome, custom paint, huge wheels, and a roped off mirrored display - there just is.
and an Antique - a bike that you restore, rescue, rebuild, and RIDE

Now you can mix a few of those with cross overs - nothing says you can't show the antique - one bike can fill more than one niche... but still, the itch must be scratched, must be satisfied.

Brian McKenzie