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Eoghan Bridge

Eoghan Bridge

To Independent Fine Art Professionals and other hives 17/03/2016

The extraordinary act of existence (A recent print) :)

Eoghan Bridge
  1. Eoghan Bridge
    17/04/2016 #5Eoghan Bridge
    Thank You :)
  2. Javier 🐝 beBee
    27/03/2016 #4Javier 🐝 beBee
    Welcome to beBee !
  3. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #3Tiina Holli
    #2 yes may I provide you with few small tips ... : D ...Here it is essential to use this Reply -feature in comments, or do this @Eoghan Bridge because otherwise the person will not get notification of your comments to her ... And then there is ( yet ) no ranking possibility for group administrators to put these discussion-seedlings in popularity or in any order, so to find an interesting discussion you would have to scroll the whole hive thru ... not handy ... especially if bees are active and share millions of posts to one hive ... so I am guessing there is going to be some improvement there pretty soon - that is more tools to Hive Administrators, otherwise it will kill the conversation pretty fast inside a hive, maybe @Teresa Salvador puts this forward : D Hi Teresa hehe
  4. Eoghan Bridge
    19/03/2016 #2Eoghan Bridge
    Thanks Tiina, I'm new to beBee and slowly finding my way around the place :)
  5. Tiina Holli
    18/03/2016 #1Tiina Holli
    W E L C O M E --- Eoghan @Eoghan Bridge, sculptor , UK

    "Eoghan Bridge was born in Edinburgh. He now lives and works in a small market town in Yorkshire.

    Following his degree show in 1985, he exhibited with the Duncalfe Galleries, Harrogate where the art critic for the Evening Standard, Brian Sewell, praised Eoghan’s work and added a bronze sculpture to his own art collection.

    Eoghan Bridge’s sculpture is on show at various galleries and international art fairs.

    Eoghan has two large bronze public sculptures in the city of Edinburgh. Rutland Court Horse & Rider, and Silvermills Horse~Rider~Eagle.

    He produces sculpture in bronze, ceramic, resin bronze, and aluminium. He explores the composition between horse and rider, the figure, and abstract form.

    He paints, and draws, and more recently has been experimenting with digital giclee prints. "