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Marcel Arvizu

Marcel Arvizu

To Marketing and other hives 18/03/2016

One Simple Tip To Make People Like You
One Simple Tip To Make People Like You One Simple Tip To Make People Like You - Tom Hiddleston Charisma Breakdown Watch Tom Hiddleston and Grae Drake banter back and forth and learn how you can...
  1. Marcel Arvizu
    18/03/2016 #6Marcel Arvizu
    #5 Lol! Yeah...knowing when to SU, an listen is key...not just for sales but any relationship.
  2. Brian McKenzie
    18/03/2016 #5Brian McKenzie
    #4 I used this in motorcycle sale for years - most dealer reps are all to interested in hearing themselves talk - and never CONNECTING with the customer. A large bit of trust / rapport - is knowing when to SHUT UP.
  3. Marcel Arvizu
    18/03/2016 #4Marcel Arvizu
    #3 Human Nature isn't it Brian? To support what agrees with us and stop or avoid what doesn't.
  4. Brian McKenzie
    18/03/2016 #3Brian McKenzie
    Intell 101 - people will always give up info and money to those that they 'like' / 'respect' / find them to be interesting.
  5. Marcel Arvizu
    18/03/2016 #2Marcel Arvizu
    To be like able, find something in common with your audience and expand on it. Disagree politely with "Yes, and...".