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Marcel Arvizu

Marcel Arvizu

To Professions, Workers, Careers and other hives 18/03/2016

5 Steps To Influence Like Barack Obama
5 Steps To Influence Like Barack Obama Barack Obama Charisma Breakdown - How To Influence People Get the free extra hour of breakdowns here: http://bit.ly/1JkctXg Barack Obama's most important...
  1. Marcel Arvizu
    18/03/2016 #2Marcel Arvizu
    State objections before your opponents state them and remove their weapons. Get the audience to agree with you by telling the audience that they are positive and doing the socially responsible thing by agreeing with you. Make the audience feel that your proposal is their idea, not yours, their decision not something you decided for them.
  2. Marcel Arvizu
    18/03/2016 #1Marcel Arvizu
    Introduce the problem, and connect strong emotional words to the audience. This is a powerful way to persuade people.