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To Marketing and other hives 19/03/2016

Money is a bad master but a very good servant. Therefore, to be a master of money you have to know how money works. There is no doubt that financial education is the best investment you can make. If You Think Financial Education Is Expensive, Just Try Ignorance.

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  1. Asif Abbas Rizvi
    21/03/2016 #11Asif Abbas Rizvi
    #9 money is always good and better
  2. Mohd Danish Mohd
    20/03/2016 #10Mohd Danish Mohd
  3. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #9Tiina Holli
    #5 ... but of course you are free to choose your own normal : D
  4. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #8Tiina Holli
    #5 My favorite is " Act normal 0 act like a perpendicular to a tangent line or derivative of a surface in Euclidean space. "
  5. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #7Tiina Holli
    (chemistry) Of, relating to, or being a solution containing one equivalent weight of solute per litre of solution.
    (organic chemistry) Describing a straight chain isomer of an aliphatic hydrocarbon, or an aliphatic compound in which a substituent is in the 1- position of such a hydrocarbon.
    (physics) (Of a mode in an oscillating system) In which all parts of an object vibrate at the same frequency; See normal mode.
    (geometry) Perpendicular to a tangent line or derivative of a surface in Euclidean space.
    (algebra) (Of a subgroup) whose cosets form a group.
    (algebra) (Of a field extension of a field K) which is the splitting field of a family of polynomials in K.
    (probability theory, statistics) (Of a distribution) which has a very specific bell curve shape.
    (complex analysis) (Of a family of continuous functions) which is pre-compact.
  6. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #6Tiina Holli
    (set theory) (Of a function from the ordinals to the ordinals) which is strictly monotonically increasing and continuous with respect to the order topology.
    (linear algebra) (Of a matrix) which commutes with its conjugate transpose.
    (functional analysis) (Of a Hilbert space operator) which commutes with its adjoint.
    (category theory) (Of an epimorphism) which is the cokernel of some morphism.
    (category theory) (Of a monomorphism) which is the kernel of some morphism.
    (category theory) (Of a morphism) which is a normal epimorphism or a normal monomorphism.
    (category theory) (Of a category) in which every monomorphism is normal.
    (Of a real number) whose digits, in any base representation, enjoy a uniform distribution.
    (topology) (Of a topology) in which disjoint closed sets can be separated by disjoint neighborhoods.
    (rail transport, Of points) in the default position, set for the most frequently used route.
    (geometry) A line or vector that is perpendicular to another line, surface, or plane.
    (slang) A person who is normal, who fits into mainstream society, as opposed to those who live alternative lifestyles.
  7. Amanda Ashton-Booth
    19/03/2016 #5Amanda Ashton-Booth
    #4 What is this Normal you speak of?? lol
  8. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #4Tiina Holli
    #1 Specifically " Act normal"
  9. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #3Tiina Holli
    #1 Might have something to do with that none of the first ones apply
  10. Tiina Holli
    19/03/2016 #2Tiina Holli
    #1 "I AM FREE" hmmm ... it came kind of naturally
  11. Amanda Ashton-Booth
    19/03/2016 #1Amanda Ashton-Booth
    "I AM FREE" .. Nice share :-)