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Amanda Ashton-Booth

Amanda Ashton-Booth

To Independent Fine Art Professionals and other hives 19/03/2016

How many can relate to the powerful words here??? Now I am a warrior, a shooting star
Know I got this far, had a broken heart
No one hears the silent tears collecting
Cause it's being weak, but strong in the truth I found
I have courage now, gonna shout it out
Teacher, I feel the dots connecting...

Amanda Ashton-Booth
  1. Amanda Ashton-Booth
    25/03/2016 #3Amanda Ashton-Booth
    #1 Kelly Clarkson fan??
  2. Amanda Ashton-Booth
    25/03/2016 #2Amanda Ashton-Booth
    #1 Oh dear,,, Thank you... At least it still reads ok lol
  3. Cameron A Kuntz
    23/03/2016 #1Cameron A Kuntz
    Hi Amanda, just wanted to point out that in Kelly's lyrics it should be... "'Cause it's being weak that's strong in the truth I found"...