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Marcel Arvizu

Marcel Arvizu

To Recursos Humanos and other hives 21/03/2016

Leadership Training - communication roadblocks
Leadership Training - communication roadblocks When people are experiencing a problem, most of us have the tendency to jump in with help in the form of good advice from our own experience, or questioning...
  1. Marcel Arvizu
    21/03/2016 #2Marcel Arvizu
    Mala comunicacion es el resultado muchas veces de no escuchar y no buscar el mensaje detras de las palabras antes de responder.
  2. Marcel Arvizu
    21/03/2016 #1Marcel Arvizu
    This is the result of bad communication. Even if you speak the same language it doesn't mean you speak the same language. Try to listen to people, to the meaning not the words before you respond.