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Madam Chroma

Madam Chroma

I try very hard to put a smile of the 'Cheeks' of all passionate and rather grey business people.
Never joking but ...As a superstar I feel its important to make the point with style.

My aim is to help industry people achieve better solutions

I always speak my mind and am not very partial to 'stuffed shirts' or high level managers who's feet don't touch the ground or fakey Gurus who are just trying to peddle the market or who think they have a bigger crystal ball than mine.
If you are one of those please don't send me a contact request and if in error you receive a request from me and are like that please don't accept, as your likely to feel the wrath of my 'ninja handbag'.

If on the other hand you are looking for solutions, want to help others do that too and can smile at your mistakes before those of others, you might well learn something good by connecting.

Oh you might also pick up some improvements on your dress sense too.

Toodle Pip