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Miguel Montoro

Miguel Montoro

To Human Resources Professionals21/03/2016

@Teach First are an education charity and a growing movement to create social change through greater inclusiveness in education. Their vision is of a society where no child’s educational achievement is limited by their family's income. For the last 12 years they have played a part in changing the lives of thousands of young people.
Interested in a new challenge? Visit: http://bit.ly/1LqeyEe

Miguel Montoro
  1. Miguel Montoro
    21/03/2016 #4Miguel Montoro
    #3 Hi Corinthia. To apply directly to the Leadership Development Programme you have to follow this link: http://bit.ly/1LqeyEe. Thanks and good luck.
  2. Dr. Corinthia Price
    21/03/2016 #3Dr. Corinthia Price
    #2 I am interested in the program. Do I apply via the website @Teach First?
  3. Miguel Montoro
    21/03/2016 #2Miguel Montoro
    #1 Thanks Corinthia. If you are interested in being part of the programme or you may know someone interested, just let me know. We could discuss in more detail what the programme offers to the schools and to the candidates.
  4. Dr. Corinthia Price
    21/03/2016 #1Dr. Corinthia Price
    What a great program!