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Louise Smith

Louise Smith

To IT - Information Technology and other hives 21/03/2016

To beBee or not to beBee ?
To beBee or not to beBee ?
louisepsychologist.wordpress.com I am so used to LI that using beBee needs some more time… I don’t do FB – no time – no patience – but like the cognitive stretch on LI. So I can look forward to that...
  1. Louise Smith
    23/03/2016 #11Louise Smith
    mu#8 Thankyou for your comment @Chas Wyatt
    Just to clarify, To beBee or not to beBee is meant to engender other’s feedback and opinions. It is not written as a critical post.
    Yes, I have only been on LI a year or so and don't know much about its graphic or other evolution from startup. I understand why LI longtimers like yourself are fed up as even in my short time, I have experienced changes. Some annoying ones that are trying to force me to upgrade to Premium to get the same services that were free.
    In the even shorter time I have been on bB, I am starting to get used to it – the look and the relative fluidity of use. So learning curve aside, it’s an enjoyable experience so far. I will write another post about it soon.
    regardz Louise
  2. Louise Smith
    22/03/2016 #7Louise Smith
    Y#1 Irar la casa por la ventana !?! You are most welcome @Javier 🐝 beBee !
  3. Javier 🐝 beBee
    21/03/2016 #1Javier 🐝 beBee
    Hi @Louise Smith ! We will be launching beBee's publishing platform during the next days , Your comments are very important for us in order to improve !. thanks a lot !!! :-)