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William VanDorin

William VanDorin

On the subject of Apple tech. Phones, even the very coolest have been done to death. Short of holographic displays, all the tech is still limited to a tiny screen. Robotics would seem the next natural leap for a company known for innovation. Even the name of the first model is a natural, "ADAM". This does of course approach that uncanny valley, but at some point we will cross it. Why not lead?

With the advent of 3D printing and miniaturization the hardware is now reasonably priced, and one must love the science fiction irony of machines creating machines. The robots are coming, who is creative enough to make us love them? We have sent them to alien worlds and touched them with a caress of steel, only a few took notice.

Robotics have been successfully applied by science with excellent results and durability beyond predictions. With the proper vision, machines could do so much more. Personally, I am thrilled to see the progression of technology and it's application. Realistically, our inevitable robot overlords could not possibly be any worse than our own system... I'm just excited to see where it goes! Aren't you?