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Josser Fernández  J

Josser Fernández J

Hello, I wish you a great life and I am sending you good vibrations from Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is a Central American country.

I am not an expert but yes I am an enthusiast for the knowledge and information. Both are a human heritage and they belong to all, without discrimination or barriers of any kind.

I own studies and experience at a basic level in Accounting, Administration and Commerce.

I am very interested in many topics related to science, technology, and arts.

But if I focus on the following topics:

* Small enterprises (SMEs) (Startups)
* Profession Freelance
* Social networks
* Internet Security & Privacy
* Writers, literature, publishing, literature contests.
* MOOCs Education and its evolution

You can contact me at different Social Networks
(If you do not have access to any of the networks, surely I have a maintenance process and review)