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Louise Smith

Louise Smith

To Directors and Executives and other hives 28/03/2016

Read my Update to "Poor LI Suffering Heartaches by the Number" Post your musical Youtube response. I'd LOVE to hear it!

When Your Heart is Aching,                                           Can You Dance as Long as the Music  Plays?
When Your Heart is Aching, Can You Dance as Long as the Music Plays?
www.linkedin.com Most of us love music or at least know what we like and appreciate it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Music is pretty up there too! For most of us for a long time, it's been a no brainer...
  1. Louise Smith
    03/04/2016 #13Louise Smith
    SEE the choice I made from YOUR MUSIC - that you love.
  2. Amanda Ashton-Booth
    03/04/2016 #12Amanda Ashton-Booth
    @Louise Smith I love Spandau Ballet :D
  3. Javier 🐝 beBee
    03/04/2016 #11Javier 🐝 beBee
    #9 i am strange . My real medicine is The Cure , almost for everything :)
  4. Juan Imaz
    03/04/2016 #10Juan Imaz
    #9 I love Lana del Rey and her songs 😁
  5. Louise Smith
    03/04/2016 #9Louise Smith
    HOW about you two too ? @Juan Imaz and @Javier 🐝 beBee take time out from serious beBeeing - Take a walk on the wildside ... What's your song?
  6. Louise Smith
    03/04/2016 #7Louise Smith
    Hi @Amanda Ashton-Booth & @John White, MBA What song do you have to add to this compilation? regardz Louise
  7. Louise Smith
    02/04/2016 #3Louise Smith
    See the NEW musical responses
  8. Louise Smith
    28/03/2016 #2Louise Smith
    #1 I did ! Very kind of you to let me know ! @Chas Wyatt