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Reena Saxena


To Writers29/03/2016

WHAT IF ????

What if …. ??
I was not responsible for another’s happiness
I was not accountable for the choices I made.
And I lived life for my own joy.

What if …. ??
I was a cloud floating around
In search of my horizon
Where the end was imminent
But a joyful existence left behind.
And I was happy about a life well-lived.

What if …… ??
I could float back in time, and find no regrets.
I could glide into my future, with no expectations.
I could give away all that I had,
Without being accountable or obliged to do so.

What if …. ??
I was unbound
I was weightless energy
Infinite and unfathomable.
I could drive a Time Machine
And step off the accelerator at will.

What if ????
Only if ….
Existence was pure joy
And we knew what it means.

Reena Saxena