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The New Google Analytics 360 Suite – A Game Changer for the Enterprise…?

The New Analytics Products:

Google Optimize 360 (beta). This website testing and personalisation product helps marketers deliver better experiences. Marketers can show consumers multiple variations of their site and then choose the version that works best for each audience.
Google Audience Center 360 (beta). A data management platform (DMP) to help understand your customers and find more like them across channels, devices, and campaigns. It offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick, plus it’s open to third party data providers, and DSPs.
Google Data Studio 360 (beta). A data analysis and visualisation product that integrates data across all suite products and other data sources ― turning it into rich, interactive reports and dashboards. Built-in real-time collaboration and sharing is based on Google Docs technology.
Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry). Rebuilt from the ground up, it helps advertisers understand ALL marketing investments, both on- and off-line, by employing cross-channel attribution and marketing mix modelling techniques.
The Rebranded Analytics Products:

Google Analytics Premium becomes Google Analytics 360 – no change in features
Google Tag Manager for Premium becomes Google Tag Manager 360 – no change in features announced (yet) i.e. it keeps the same Premium level SLAs as before – this has been the only difference between the free and Premium version of GTM before.

Moved Permanently
Moved Permanently
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