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Sharon King

Sharon King

To Wedding planner and other hives 31/03/2016

If you want to lose some weight for your wedding or just for any reason:

Sharon King
  1. NO one
    01/04/2016 #8NO one
    #7 Thank you Marcel!! I'll try to follow each one of your buzzes! I know they're going to be great
  2. Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #7Marcel Arvizu
    #6. I will also share exercise routine, along with pictures of myself to show the progress over the weeks.
  3. NO one
    31/03/2016 #6NO one
    #5 For sugar addicts like me I bet is 2 weeks, still bearable. You should share some of your tips and diets on beBee! (and tag me hehe)
  4. Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #5Marcel Arvizu
    #4 I am super strict, no fruits, no refined carbs, no sugar. Ketogenic diet 100%, 1 year and counting, I feel great, and looking good is just another plus. The hardest part is the 1st week, after that you don't crave sugar or carbs anymore.
  5. NO one
    31/03/2016 #4NO one
    #3 Exactly! Or fruit is also another option (and certain fruits, not all are suitable for dinner)
  6. Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #3Marcel Arvizu
    #2 I don't eat after 6pm, unless I do exercise and if I do, I eat a yogurt or have a glass of milk with some protein. Just keep it light.
  7. NO one
    31/03/2016 #2NO one
    #1 Yes! Sugar es deadly addictive too. Sugar and also stay away of big and heavy dinners, instead eat 5 balanced meals per day.
  8. Marcel Arvizu
    31/03/2016 #1Marcel Arvizu
    Absolutely! You need to consume fat to burn fat, and fiber as well. Probably I'd stay away from sugar also.