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Javier Rojas García

Javier Rojas García

To Golf01/04/2016

Hoy es el día de los inocentes para el mundo anglosajón y todo el mundo que haya jugado al golf sabe que siempre hay un chiste para relajar el horroroso golpe que acabamos de dar. Otro día contaremos el del juez y el mulligan pero hoy toca anglosajón. Así que a practicar idiomas.

There were three friends that always wanted to play golf every Saturday afternoon, but they couldn’t because of their wives’ objections. After many years they finally got together on the golf course and were waiting at the first tee when one guy said, “I had to buy my wife a diamond necklace to get to play today!”
The second said, “That’s nothing. I had to buy my wife a new sports car to get out here today!“
The third said, "Boy, you guys are a couple of wimps. I didn’t have to buy my wife anything!”
They both looked at him and asked how he managed that.
The smartest of the three said, “It was easy, when I got up this morning. I looked her straight in the eye and asked, "Golf course or Intercourse?”
She threw me a sweater and said, “Take this, it might get chilly out there.”

Javier Rojas García