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Antoine Prager

Antoine Prager

To Human Resources Professionals and other hives 03/04/2016

I love this method by Heineken. Interestingly no mentions to the candidate's CV, diplomas, ... A structured method of interview was the key to get the right candidates.

Heineken - The Candidate
Heineken - The Candidate Heineken has come up with an interesting way to find the right talent for its job offer. Called 'The Candidate', the video shows different interview clips...
  1. Antoine Prager
    03/04/2016 #2Antoine Prager
    Interesting facts: Heineken reported a >279% traffic increase to their HR sites and >317% increase in CV’s submitted after campaign launch. Furthermore, this campaign also influenced positively on current employees: 91% of Heineken employees watched the video and found it stimulating for their job.