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LeAnna Hamley

LeAnna Hamley

To Decoration and Interior Design05/04/2016

Faux Texture Experiment #3: Granite Tiles

Being a Home Decor Do-It-Yourselfer, I like to try out new ideas without spending a dime so if it doesn't turn out like expected, I haven't wasted my hard earned money. This was going to be quite the challenge on this one. (Or so I thought)
Each and every project requires three fundamental items: tools, materials, and a well thought out plan of action. When I found this idea on some random website, it naturally suggested buying the $12 Martha Stewart Texture Sponges to create the faux marble finish. Since that was obviously out of the question, I looked around the house for a comparable substitute and decided on some yarn from last winter's long-forgotten unfinished scarf. TOOLS: CHECK!
Next to figure out was the paint. Having just painted my kitchen the vibrant red that you see, I needed colors that would somehow blend the bold red walls and the Barbie doll butt pastel walls that continue through the rest of the house. Fortunately for me, I am a pack-rat with a shed full of paint and painter's tape left over from various odd jobs and remodels.
Finally, I decided on red that was left over from the kitchen, some 5yr old dark hunter green (pillaged from a soffit/trim job). Realizing that I still needed a neutral color (to add depth), I grabbed an empty Gatorade bottle and decided to make my own by mixing some of the red and green paints together with a bunch white and.....VIOLA.....creamy light beige MATERIALS: CHECK, CHECK!!
After a good bit of practice on an old piece of drywall scrap, I had developed my application method and was finally ready to draw the pattern on the wall with a pencil and tape it off. WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN: CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!
Four days later, I am quite pleased with how it is turning out. Just a bit of touch-up and cleaning left to do. I think we can call this experimental transition wall a SUCCESS!

LeAnna Hamley