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Abhishek Chandra

Abhishek Chandra

We sh0uld tAke riSk in our life :) .......If we Win , we can Lead ^_^ ... and If we Loose then we can guide ^_^ :3

  1. Abhishek Chandra
    26/05/2015 #3Abhishek Chandra
    #2 William m talkin abba professional win n loose .. Life is also like a task from the very beginning of the day to night .. yeaahh i faced lots of challenges in mah life in mah past /.. might be that experiences of mine made me strong person ...
  2. William Davis
    25/05/2015 #2William Davis
    Abhishek. do you usually take risk in your life? Could you give me any example? Thank you!
  3. David Brown
    25/05/2015 #1David Brown
    What define us is how well we rise after falling :)