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Loribeth Pierson

Loribeth Pierson

To Social Marketing Solutions and other hives 07/04/2016

Had to share - FUNNY!

Betts Recruiting Now Recruiting Office Dogs!
Betts Recruiting Now Recruiting Office Dogs! http://bettsrecruiting.com/ At Betts Recruiting we’ve found such tremendous success finding the right person for the right company that we’re excited to...
  1. Louise Smith
    07/04/2016 #4Louise Smith
    Great Bluppers Jacki Chan watch out!
  2. Louise Smith
    07/04/2016 #3Louise Smith
    #1 LUV it you're a PAL @Anne Fyans
  3. Louise Smith
    07/04/2016 #2Louise Smith
    .You WON my HEART with the long haired dachshund in the intro. I am a psychologist. I have 2 dachshunds who come to the office with me everyday and sit in on nearly every session. They are excellent at maintaining client confidentiality and soothing upset or sad clients. Scapa is 6yo black and tan male. Lila is 5yo chocolate and tan female. They are standards but more like tweens than miniatures.
    They are very affectionate and intuitive and great comforters for people who are upset or angry. Sometimes my clients and I take them for a walk as part of the session. Some of my clients really come to see my dogs NOT me! regardz Louise
  4. Anne Fyans
    07/04/2016 #1Anne Fyans
    @bettsrecruiting has gone to the dogs:) You knew that was coming, didn't you!