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David Taylor

David Taylor

Taylor School looking for a full time native English teacher in an academia in Oviedo, Asturias. Teaching adults, primary and secondary. Good working conditions. If you're interested please send a CV to info@taylorschool.es. Find information about the centre at taylorschool.es.

  1. Alberto Cortes
    11/06/2015 #5Alberto Cortes
    I,m totally agree with you Mauricio . I'm suffering the same as you . All the time when you put a Native Speaker in front of the class they don't known the accurate form to teach the lesson . Even if the topic is considerated one of the first biggins in grammar .
  2. Alberto Cortes
    11/06/2015 #4Alberto Cortes
    Well . The offer sounds great . I haven,t had the oportunity to work in Asturias . But if the payment sounds good . I will think on mind . Thank's .
  3. David Taylor
    09/06/2015 #3David Taylor
    #2 #2 Hello Marcio. Thanks for your comment. You're right in cases where the English teacher isn't really a teacher. All our teachers take their profession very seriously. They also speak great Spanish, although this is not a priority for me as grammar explanations should be done in English too. Here at the school we also have Spanish teachers with an extremely high level of English. What I've found with many teachers with philology and not much experience in an English speaking country is that they might choose wrong prepositions etc. I will of course consider Spanish applicants with a near-native level of English.