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Antonio Herrero Gutiérrez

Antonio Herrero Gutiérrez

To Auxiliares Administrativos02/06/2015

El botón de posponer es uno de los mejores inventos del hombre... Hasta que vuelve a sonar

Should You Use The SNOOZE Button?
Should You Use The SNOOZE Button? The snooze button - one of life's luxuries. But is it really helping you out, or making you more tired? TWEET IT - http://clicktotweet.com/wv6Db Written and...
  1. Antonio Herrero Gutiérrez
    29/06/2015 #4Antonio Herrero Gutiérrez
    #3 You're welcome! I'm glad to hear it was useful :P
  2. Esperanza Sales Miquel
    17/06/2015 #3Esperanza Sales Miquel
    Funny, short, essential for practising. thanks!
  3. Antonio Herrero Gutiérrez
    03/06/2015 #2Antonio Herrero Gutiérrez
    #1 ojalá :(
  4. Belén Álvarez Bermejo
    02/06/2015 #1Belén Álvarez Bermejo
    Ojalá el botón detuviera el tiempo ... :(