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Andre Moraes


I am fully sure that are many unsatisfied students in the world, because Education System and Teachers do not know to lead students to the analytic universe of learning.
For example: 3 x 2 = 6 / 2 x 3 = 6
Back to your past, when you were a Math student, and try to remember if your teacher revealed this little secret to you.
There are lots of examples like that, never revealed by your teacher. Surely you had to memorized everything, right?

English students get shocked when I say them, I have more than 150 irregular verbs by heart. However, I have no memorized all. I have just applied a technique of grouping verbs per type, such as Give and Forgive, Get and Forget, Drink and Sink, Take and Shake.

I feel many teachers are so interested in defying the students more than really stimulate him/her to think about the best way of learning things.

  1. Kimberly Lewis
    10/06/2015 #5Kimberly Lewis
    I also think both of you're right, guys ;)
  2. Michelle Wright
    09/06/2015 #1Michelle Wright
    I totally agree with you, Marcio. It's not just about teaching, it's also about the way you do it. I think the goal should be to remember what you have learned some time later, don't you think?