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To IT - Information Technology10/06/2015

Google Now on Tap Makes App Search Optimization More Critical Than Ever

Now on tap makes everything from text messages to social media posts searchable, and these new search capabilities could give apps the stickiness and functionality they've been missing.
At last week's I/O developer conference, Google revealed its “Now on Tap” feature, which makes everything from text messages to Instagram photos searchable.
For app developers and brands alike, new deep linking capabilities mean more potential for apps. Google’s Now on Tap could change search as we know it. Simply holding down the home screen and tapping relevant content on an Android mobile device will bring instantaneous information and suggestions based on context. For example, tapping a restaurant name might draw up reviews and menus from Yelp or OpenTable apps so that the user can quickly and easily find reviews and make reservations.
While the announcement comes as a boon to app developers, it also means that it’s now more important than ever for brands to think about App Search Optimization (ASO) along with SEO, since Google is taking both into consideration for Now on Tap, according to Danielle Levitas, senior vice president of research and analysis for App Annie, which provides app ranking data and mobile analytics for businesses. http://goo.gl/oQDGHr

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