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Andre Moraes


An incredible history for someone to cry and lose money.

My name is xxxxx, son of late Mr.xxxx a retired Government worker, who died after being treated for a spinal cord injury that was cause by accident. Being the young only surviving son of my late parent's, I am being burdened in securing my late father Investment funds for a lucrative business ventures in abroad that will yield reasonable return on an Investments. After much search for a reliable investment partnership who can help in securing my late father investment funds and placing the investment funds into a lucrative investment abroad that will yield a reasonable/profitable returns to secure my future. I came across your profile with confidence and conviction to contact you for this investment funds placement, knowing that the investment funds can grow better in your hands.

I have contacted you to see if I can get all the advice for investment placement, management and suggestions guidance as a young individual who will want to succeed in investment with better hands like you. Would you be interested in handling my late father investment funds for me? If yes, please do me well by provide an Executive summary of any Project(s) or Investment opportunities that you know it can yield a profitable returns, that we can invest on.

I look forward to reading from you soon on my email: ak.odipo@ymail.com

Kind regards.

A very honest person.