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Nicolas Emmerling

Nicolas Emmerling

To Citylife Madrid24/06/2015

The San Fermin festival, also known as a huge street party and the running of the bulls. San Fermin is a synonym for street party; a mixture between carnival, Mardi Gras and a bacchanal, fueled with liters and liters of alcohol. The festival honors San Fermín, the patron of Navarra; it is the perfect mixture of a religious celebration and the wildest street party you will ever see. As usual, alcohol and music are the center of the party, as well as people’s attitudes. There’s no other secret. Maybe the most amazing thing is how peaceful the celebration is despite its gigantic proportion! The golden rule, live and let live. People do not only drink and dance to the music in the middle of the street…they sleep, eat, wee, sunbath and of course love each other at any given place of the city. Everything seems to be great during San Fermin. But what truly makes San Fermin an internationally renowned festival is the celebration of the “encierro”, the running of the bulls; a race through the old town’s narrow streets with many brave wild bulls running behind. The kick-off is 8:00am and it takes place every day during San Fermin. More info & booking: