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Aurélio Silva

Aurélio Silva

I need improve my english at write, speak and pronunciation... Lets keep touch

  1. Student Works
    05/08/2015 #8Student Works
    Hi!! The best way to learn English is going abroad!! We can offer you to go to UK and do an English course with 10% discount in all schools there!! Please contact us for more information: info@studentworks.eu
  2. Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    02/07/2015 #7Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    #4 Try here and similar webs: http://www.language-exchanges.org/es/content/bienvenidos-mixxer-sitio-de-intercambios-ling%C3%BC%C3%ADsticos-para-todos Or use the following keywords in google: "language exchange skype" and you will find many similar webs. And for those who would like to learn more, you can take my services as an English teacher for 10 Euros/hour.. Close
  3. José Santa Rosa Lopes Neto
    02/07/2015 #4José Santa Rosa Lopes Neto
    How can I do this? I would like to take this opportunity to improve my English.
  4. Aurélio Silva
    02/07/2015 #3Aurélio Silva
    #2 skype is good, do you have some contact of a speaker native?
  5. Tifany Rodio
    02/07/2015 #2Tifany Rodio
    You can talk with some native speaker on Skype for free, while you teach him the Portuguese. I did it once!
  6. Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    02/07/2015 #1Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    I can teach you, if you want. Unless you are looking for a native speaker. My fees are 10 Euros/Hour.