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pamela duroca

pamela duroca

To Inglés and other hives 09/07/2015

what do you think about same sex marriage?

pamela duroca
  1. pamela duroca
    18/02/2016 #13pamela duroca
    Jesus died on the cross because of his great Love, He sacrificed and suffered for us, if you know that is wrong, you need to sacrifice even how much you loved, and always keep on praying for everything because God allow you to enter with a purpose.
  2. pamela duroca
    09/07/2015 #11pamela duroca
    i disagree
  3. pamela duroca
    09/07/2015 #10pamela duroca
    I disagree, well its
  4. Javier 🐝 beBee
    09/07/2015 #8Javier 🐝 beBee
    #4 I fully agree with Michelle
  5. Elena Bermejo
    09/07/2015 #7Elena Bermejo
    #6 But, is it right to let a man and a woman who don't love each other get marry? I don't think so. Marriage should be only about love and nobody can forbid it
  6. Carlos Garcia Vasconcelos
    09/07/2015 #6Carlos Garcia Vasconcelos
    I totally disagree. And if they want to have children? It´ll be a huge problem for their kids.
  7. David Meléndez
    09/07/2015 #5David Meléndez
    I support gay marriage and I don't think there should be any law telling people who they have to marry, but I also understand that religious groups don't support it since they know "marriage" is the union of a man and a woman due to tradition. I think the best is to respect everybody... As they say: "live and let live"
  8. Michelle Wright
    09/07/2015 #4Michelle Wright
    I've always believed in freedom. So, if something doesn't hurt you, just let it be :D
  9. Camila Antolinez Suzarte
    09/07/2015 #3Camila Antolinez Suzarte
    I absolutly agree with the love in all ways !!!!:)
  10. pamela duroca
    09/07/2015 #2pamela duroca
    for love, your right but, it is still wrong, well if you want to get that thing into your life but you know what is the right and wrong, you must sacrifice for your love because that is love and you know this is not good, until the day will come and you realize everything was change , I had an experience before as a lesbian but, just like I said you will sacrifice your love because it is wrong until the day will come and i realized that i am a pretty and lovely girl, and everything was changed. and now I am totally perfect girl that find a right man for me, LOL. that's my story.
  11. Álvaro Beltrán
    09/07/2015 #1Álvaro Beltrán
    I find no reason to forbid people to marry who they love.