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    A small business consulting agency that likes to tell the whole story. Turning challenges and struggles into lessons and success stories. Understanding the problems your business is trying to solve and the type of relationships you seek to build with your customers. Help owners build an unshakeable mindset about their business and the value it brings. Create rules of engagement that bring personality and emotion back into the process. Engineer systems that are unique in personality, ambitions and goals yet still focus on sales and profits. We empower business owners by levering internet technologies and branding to build loyalty and consistency in daily business operations.

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    Most business owners have 90% of the resources they need to run a successful business. The remaining 10% truly carries the most weight and that manifests itself in the form of confidence or lack of.

    The three critical aspects that the program focuses on is

    • Creativity
    • Clarity
    • Gratitude.

    The first half of business owners perceive they are running out of options or ideas. This proves to be a challenge for some as they desire a different outcome but feel limited in creativity.

    Creativity provides the fresh air required for businesses to successfully evolve.

    The other half have too many ideas and even inspiring "introvert" business owners can lead to an explosion of too many ideas.

    This is where Clarity is key.

    By systematically going through the plethora of creative ideas that are discovered in a consulting session the program is designed to bring the decision maker to a critical point of clarity.

    From this point onward a business owner can make decisions with absolute clarity in mind.

    As for the last stage;


    It completes the program and in my humble opinion the home run for for addressing the issue of the 10% I mentioned above. Business owners, especially the start up kind, that literally give birth to their business out of thin air - have the greatest breakthroughs.

    Investing sweat and tears; long nights and experiencing peaks of success and valleys of struggle result in a very potent emotional attachment. In most cases but not always this manifests itself in a form of ego.

    This last stage allows entrepreneurs to leverage creativity and clarity to map out an action plan from a place of gratitude.

    What do I mean by gratitude?

    An absolute emotional disconnect from the ego and the business. A place of indifference, servitude and abundance.

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