I am a feisty little red head that loves people, places and MUSIC. My passion is customer service, everyone you engage with is your customer, at home, at work, or when you are out in your community. It is how you make someone FEEL, to Build Healthy Relationships for growth and sustainability.


  • Frontline Service Professional

    at Fallsview Casino Resort

    March 1996 - at Present


    Evelyn has been an associate for Niagara Casinos where she consistently provides transcendent interpersonal experiences for guests. With insight from extensive research into human behavior, Evelyn quickly identifies the needs of each guest and readily sets them at ease with her abundant enthusiasm and a winning smile. She believes in surpassing attitudes of mere tolerance by emphasizing and celebrating the strengths of individuals around her, unto collaborative goals.


  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

    at International Coach Federation (ICF)

    2015 - at Present (3 years)

  • Core Essentials Graduate

    at CoachU

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Florida

  • Emotional Intelligence Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility

    at Paul EkmanInternational PLC

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) New York

  • Certificate in Convention and Meeting Management

    at Niagara College

    2012 - 2013 (1 year) Ontario

Services offered

  • Career/Relationship Coach

    Life Balance Coaching
    Taking care of Self versus Selfish
    Building a Strong Personal Foundation
    Our lives are more complex than ever. Balancing home life and work life can be challenging, especially when children are young, regardless of what else is happening in your life, it is difficult at best to carve out time to truly take care of yourself. Most people have a difficult time defining what personal self-care is for them. And in this harried, hustling world, it is often seen as selfish to take time and space and have boundaries and standards for the behavior of yourself and others. Consider the example of the oxygen masks on airplanes; you must put the mask on yourself before you can help others-otherwise, you’ll be unable to help. Taking care of yourself is imperative so you have something to give back.
    Consider that everything you do in a relationship with another person is a pure investment in the relationship. You neither get nor deserve anything in trade for what you do. Take that in for just a moment. How often do we run relationships with a scorecard? As a parent, coming from unconditional love, you must see everything you do as an investment in a lifelong relationship. And, just like with any other investment, you may or may not get a return-or the return could be several years down the road. You do what you do in relationships because it is how you operate in relationships. Consider your personal code of ethics. Define how it is you behave consistently that produces the results you want in every way feeding your heart and soul.

    What I offer is to build a unique relationship with you.
    Providing an objective point of view.
    People make a hundred decisions every day and not all of them are going to be the right one.
    Acknowledge and recognize the job:
    You work hard. I will acknowledge and recognize the work you do.
    Be compassionate and developmental:
    People operate out of love and expects love in return, people look for a developmental process where they can measure their success.
    Ask them to remove half of their responsibilities to create time for self-care.
    Encourage delegation and developing the skills and capabilities of the other family members


    Associate Coaching
    Associate Coaching (Career Employee)

    The associate is an employee that works for another individual or company, and works to make someone else’s vision a reality. They may have various levels of responsibility and authority based on their positions in the company, but ultimately they are generally supervised or managed by someone else or at the least have a direct report to which they are accountable.
    •The company is reorganizing and the associate needs a strategy for protecting his or her job.
    •The associate recognizes that his or her position is no longer a fit.
    •The associate does not acknowledge or recognize them and they feel that they need to change jobs.

    What I Offer
    Security and stability are important to employees. Anchors can provide a source stability. This is particularly important if the employee is growing quickly. By establishing and affirming where he or she is now, where he or she was and what’s next.
    With support and being excited for them, encouraging their progress, which is a valuable tool that the associate needs. Encouragement is a gift.
    Bringing awareness to change, by giving time and for the mind to adjust to new things.
    Single daily action goals.
    Goals are accomplished by doing. Setting action goals you will see results quickly.
    Shifts in Awareness
    Current Beliefs Shift Outcomes
    Doing a job Working for the joy of it
    Working for someone else Moving along a career path
    Getting paid the same no matter what is done Enjoying the intrinsic rewards of a job well done
    Working for a promotion (or tips, financial gain) Increasing value at every level.
    lacks self awareness. What are their strength/weakness working within them? Identity their values and create a vision, mission, and purpose for their lives.
    Benefits to the company or organization.
    •less sick calls
    •less stress leave
    •more productive
    •dead lines are meet
    •Positive representation of company or organization (branding)
    •Mentally healthy work environment
    Higher profits

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