• Embedded Software Engineer

    at BlackBerry

    April 2013 - June 2015


    Responsible for Location Based Services (LBS) via context and connectivity aware situations for internal and external products worldwide. Wrote software to spatially react based on various location parameters and enrichment for LBS. Porting our Qt C++/QML indoor positioning solution to Android. Cordova system-level plugin development for WiFi, GPS and Sensors. Algorithm development for routes, positioning and features in our indoor positioning solution.

  • Software Engineer

    at Carleton University

    September 2010 - April 2011


     Designed a Gesture-based glove system for Human-Computer Interaction  This system replaced a hardware mouse and used a glove with infrared markers tracked by 120Hz cameras  Clients used the glove to move, scroll, click and zoom by gestures of the hand  The solution was a unique hybrid solution using Computer Vision and Machine Learning  Arti cial Neural Networks, Random Trees and ML-Algorithms were tweaked for optimal performance  See glove in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUaMpgAxwMM

  • Toolchain Developer

    at Google

    May 2009 - August 2009


     Contributed to development and extensions of modules for the Comprehensive C Archive Network (CCAN) http://ccan.ozlabs.org/  With mentor Paul Russell strengthened the main core of the test harness (ccanlint)  Allowed users to seamlessly gauge their modules against the standard

  • Junior Technical Developer

    at Government of Canada

    May 2008 - November 2008


     Worked in Print Operation Services (POS) whose division was in control of a graphical interface for Government cheques and a reporting system used throughout Canada  Re-factored POCS, a control system sitting on top of a database. Rewrote many of the main functions and modules for eciency, security and reliability.  Debugging and testing of a large code base ~50K SLOC  Extensive use of source control, reports formalized via crystal reports


  • Bachelors Engineering

    at Carleton University

    2006 - 2011 (5 years) Ontario


  • English Native

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