I founded LifeArticulated to provide Executive Leadership, Mentoring and Consulting services. I work with Executive Leaders and organizations who want to turn ordinary into extraordinary, chaos into calm, reduce stress, and achieve the professional and personal success they really want.


  • Leading to Succeed Strategist

    at LifeArticulated Coaching & Consulting

    January 2015 - at Present

    British Columbia

    As an experienced business professional, consultant, and executive coach, combined with my Masters work on Leadership, I bring an insightful perspective to help my clients design and implement action plans to achieve their goals. Through a customized process, my clients improve leadership, communication, and management skills, successfully navigate difficulties, overcome hidden obstacles, and achieve extraordinary results that up level their organizational, professional and personal success.

Services offered

  • Designing Executive Leadership and Employee Engagement Solutions

    Imagine your entire team working in alignment with a common purpose and vision. As an experienced business professional and certified executive coach, I find it incredibly gratifying when my clients are able to overcome challenges and achieve this with ease.

    The most important asset to any organization is its loyal employees, not its clients. Employees that are taken care of by the organization will go to great lengths to take care of clients, and safeguard the business.

    Executive Leadership Presence and Employee Engagement are foundational to achieving this goal. I work with Business Leaders to design Leadership and Engagement Solutions that achieve the success they are striving for.

    Some common frustrations Leaders have shared are • Overwhelm • Feeling stressed • Responding adequately in a fast paced environment •Difficulty managing priorities • Time spent on employee problems • Struggling to engage and motivate employees.

    That feeling of overwhelm at the Executive Leadership level can infect every area of an organization. It can cause a lack of focus, feeling stretched in too many directions, disconnection from others, and diminished employee engagement.

    It doesn’t need to be this way!

    We understand that employees leave managers, not organizations. We offer some simple, practical, and effective solutions to get you and your team engaged, grounded, and focused on what really makes a difference in your organization. Our Leading to Succeed Dashboard captures eight areas every leader should look at, and our eleven part Employee Engagement model includes simple, effective, practices that can result in immediate performance improvements.

    How do you measure Executive Leadership Presence and Employee Engagement in your organization?

    To try out our powerful tools to assess Executive Leadership Presence and Employee Engagement within your organization, please visit www.lifearticulated.com to learn more.

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