I like lollipops. We will agree to disagree. God bless.


  • Craps dealer, masseur, security monkey in BC.

    at Various casinos, Bally's, Trop, Dunes, Union Plaza, Landmark, Barbary, Caesars, 21 total.

    June 1987 - at Present


    Nowhere. I work at auto deposit.

  • Bally's. Trop, Dunes, Caesars, Sahara. Landmark, Barbary, State Line, on and on.

    at 21 joints. I counted them again.

    June 1987 - at Present

    British Columbia

    I work at auto deposit. Electronic deposit.

  • Dice dealer, Professional masseur. Other arcane jobs -- process server, cemetery worker.

    at 20 Las Vegas casino-resorts. Mostly as a dice dealer.

    June 1987 - August 1996


    I currently don't work at all. The last 6.5 years of my working life were as a security guard. It was the work I could get after a lifetime of chronic instability. The kind of work where you can get hired over the phone. Bad hours, low pay, can be dangerous but on the other hand nobody respects you either.


  • I.P.S.B. Santa Monica

    at Massage School of Santa Monica

    2008 - 2009 (1 year) British Columbia

  • COS Las Vegas

    at Massage School Santa Monica

    2007 - 2009 (2 years)

  • Craps and blackjack/Massage School, Santa Monica == 1986

    at C.O.S.

    1988 - 1988 (1 year) Nevada

  • craps/blackjack/massage schools, Santa Monica -- 1986

    at C.O.S.

    1986 - 1988 (2 years) Nevada

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    I write stories.Stories from my life.

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