• Consulting Analyst

    at Accenture

    May 2019 - at Present


    Data & RPA Developer, Trading Institution: - Automated trade execution processes (reduced trade execution time by 70%) - Built data visualization dashboards/APIs for trading desks Financial Securities Analytics, Government Financial Agency: - Cloud based cross platform data migration/integration and insights use case extraction - Mapped complex database structures and integrated cross platform datasets to form a consolidated single source of truth that will drive actionable business insights (Hadoop, Python, SQL, PowerBI) Asset Management & Business Process Design, Transit Agency - Leveraged business requirements and user stories to configure over 35 screens for asset management

  • Engineering Consultant

    at Mill Street Brewery

    September 2018 - April 2019


    - Conducted an end-to-end audit of the main plant, identified several problematic areas and designed solutions to address said issues, increasing the plant line efficiency (19%) and significantly reducing wasted resources (23%) - As team lead, took initiative to coordinate with the client and plan internally for successful, timely conclusion

  • Software Engineer

    at Bell

    July 2016 - August 2018


    - Delivered beyond contractual requirements as the team lead to exceed client expectations under high pressure situations (such as last minute requirement changes) - Developed a full stack web application for internal use from scratch using: - Back end (Java, Spring, JPA/IoC), MySQL (with REST, SOAP), Front end (AngularJS, HTML) - Leveraged business requirements analysis to configure capabilities such as: Automated voice calls, SMS, data usage, scheduled batch test cases using Kronos, and more

  • Engineering Research Intern

    at University of Toronto

    May 2015 - August 2015


    - Injection-molded microcellular foam development and characterization sample preparations, conducting polypropylene foaming experiments using a 50 ton foam injection molding system - Identified foam structures/properties (SEM, thermal conductivity, image analysis, etc), prepared research report


  • CFA Charter (Pursuing)

    at CFA

    2019 - at Present (1 year) Ontario

  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor's Degree)

    at University of Toronto

    2014 - 2019 (5 years) Ontario


  • English Native