• Power Safety Engineer

    at Electrical Safety Authority

    May 2017 - August 2017


    Utilized knowledge of circuits and logic gates to diagnose faulty electrical panels and their installation in residential homes • Worked in a team with a professional engineer to create a technical brochure on a new design of the electrical panel as well as its correct installation • Created a presentation for the PEO of Ontario, explaining in detail their correct installation and how the problems should be addressed • Evaluated, revised and updated the industry guidelines for Ontario regulation 22/04 (electrical distributor safety regulation), to help the industry maintain modern safety standards • Used Excel to make calculations and verified the correct functioning of different electric panels • Prepared and participated in presenting a safety presentation for the distribution line field workers • Assisted in reviewing and updating existing ESA regulatory documents

  • Electrical Engineering

    at Passive House Canada

    September 2016 - May 2017


    • Utilized Matlab and PVsyst to calculate the MMPT (maximum point tracking) to access the optimal angle of PVT solar panels based on the seasonal changes of the azimuth and angle of the sun • Estimated and recommended on the optimal amount of panels required for insulation of a roof sector without the use of on-site combustion while ensuring the net zero annual energy consumption standards are met. • Designed and optimized the electrical power system, which supplied the grid and in the building utilities with optimal power during peak hours (Daytime) and bandwidth hours (Night time) • Used SPWM (sinusoidal pulse width modulation) converters, spectrum analyzers, control loops mechanisms to regulate the voltage flow to the grid and maintain an appropriate charge level on the building battery

  • Supply Chain management

    at Amec Foster Wheeler

    May 2014 - September 2014


    Under the guidance of a senior designer used AutoCAD to execute dimension changes and correct the power line schematics of the technical drawings of a major project for an oil plant facility and reported to my supervisor • Worked with the Project Engineer to identify supply needs. Contacted different suppliers to record and assess all materials quality, movement, and expenditure. Performed cost analysis. • Created a new user manuals for the new version of the business data management system (Convero) • Developed work flows for supply chain management employees who are new to Convero for their training and easier understanding of supply chain processes. Used Visio and Power Point presentations to deliver the training materials to the target audience


  • Bachelor of Engineering

    at Mcgill

    2014 - 2019 (5 years)


  • English Native