I'm a food scientist and engineer interested in innovative & sustainable sources of protein and nutrition. Along with Eli Cadesky, I am the co-founder of C-fu Foods (www.cfufoods.com) and One Hop Kitchen (www.onehopkitchen.com).


  • Co-founder & COO

    at One Hop Kitchen

    April 2016 - at Present


    We're proud to be launching the world's first "Bugognese", a traditional Bolognese sauce with a sustainable twist: textured mealworm and cricket protein! I'm helping lead operations at One Hop Kitchen to deliver sustainable, nutritious, and seamlessly delicious meat alternative products that deliver 5 grams of protein per serving while saving over 300 L of water among other benefits! Take the sustainable taste challenge for yourself! More info and join our mailing list at: www.onehopkitchen.com

  • Co-founder & COO

    at C-fu Foods Inc.

    March 2015 - at Present


    I lead research and development on C-fu, sustainable, high-quality nutrition from insects. C-fu a completely new kind of food made from a process that transforms insects into a tofu-like material that can be eaten as is, baked, boiled, fried, grilled, fermented, or reprocessed into hundreds of new or familiar foods. It's the next frontier of sustainable protein. Learn more at www.cfufoods.com


  • Master of Science (Food Science)

    at Cornell University

    2013 - 2015 (2 years) New York

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

    at McGill University

    2006 - 2011 (5 years) Québec

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