In 1973 when I graduated from university with a BA in Medieval History and Islamic Studies I hoped to teach. That was not to be. Now through my writing I am flexing my teaching muscles so to speak but the subject matter is science and technology.


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    This isn't a paying gig. I write about science and technology in retirement. My blog is viewed by tens of thousands of readers each month and covers topics from agriculture to bio-medicine, from cities to transportation, from education to robotics, and from energy to the environment.


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  • A free knowledgebase gathering the latest advances in science and technology

    At I have compiled and written about the challenges and progress of humanity from our first efforts to develop technology and understand the world around us to today and tomorrow. Subject matter coverage includes agriculture, AI, communications, computers, energy, environment, industrial technology, land and resource use, medicine, the military, oceans, politics, religion, robotics, space, transportation, virtual reality and world population. If these are subjects that interest you then please visit the site and take from it what you will.

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