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  • The Brand Booster – 2 Ways to Boost Your On-Site content

    The Brand Booster – 2 Ways to Boost Your On-Site content

    The Brand Booster is designed to immediately give your credibility on your website as every Website Needs Good On-Site Content. There are Two Really Effective Ways to do this:

    One: Provide a Video in your site. We all know that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ well in today’s age of ‘Instant Gratification’ Video or moving pictures is even more effective .
    Two: Create A Blog. This is nothing more that a series of articles designed to capture the interest of your visitors and increase the likihood that they will convert into clients or buyers. Further more it gives relevant content for the search engines to index and then subsequently direct even more visitors to your site.

    We decided to shortcut this process for you by doing both.

    5 Blog articles that clearly position your unique selling proposition AND
    A video that reinforces your USP by giving 5 Reasons why people should do business with you.

  • Local Business Marketing - How to Create A Local Buzz About Your Business

    Local Business Marketing and Advertising Services is ‘Local Buzz’
    Local Buzz is all about generating a ‘Buzz‘ in your local area about your product or service. There are several ways to create a Buzz about your business. This can be done through small business marketing, social media marketing, directory listings, b2b marketing, reputation management, online reviews, check-ins, and many other local promotions which result in increased website traffic, more leads, sales and more customers!

    Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, targeted local marketing and advertising can drastically improve your customer base. My Business Builders is proud to be one of the few internet marketing agencies that provide a local buzz service. Go ahead and give us a call today and find out how we can optimize your business presence in your local area.

    Nowadays, the marketing aspects in search engines have become the major focus of every website. By these, local business marketing and advertising services have also become some of the most essential necessities of companies that are operating their business online. These will make it easier for them to achieve their business goals. For more Go here:

  • Brand Optimization - How to Optimize Your Presence on the Net

    Can clients find your brand on the various internet systems they use?

    Customers today are connecting with brand names online. They utilize various systems to locate brands that offer the products and services they require.
    Gain an advantage by owning the specific match of your brand for account names, handles, and internet links in social media sites, blog sites and also online directories.

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