Hey I’m Matt Coco, I’m a digital director and all round marketer. I’ve been in the digital marketing field for my entire career. I also host A Marketing Podcast (amarketingpodcast.com) - a podcast focused on small business marketing strategies.

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  • Small Business Marketing Strategy

    FREE 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course

    It’s time to get serious about your marketing. Time to plan and achieve the results your business deserves. Time to take the 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course.

    Most small business and small marketing teams make the fatal mistake of implementing tactical approaches to marketing before developing a solid road map to achieving the results they’re after.

    Marketing, like any other aspect of life, requires that you plan to succeed.

    Developing a marketing strategy is that plan!

    In the 7 Day Marketing Strategy Crash Course, I’ll walk you through a standard marketing strategy and provide insight into how to develop each section.

    By the end of the 7 days you’ll have what you need to develop your next marketing strategy and a road map to marketing success for your small business.

    It’s as easy as reading each days email, and applying what you learn.


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